Useful to Me, Useful to You

So now that you have read some thoughts on what my purpose is for this blog, let me share a little more about what I envision. As with any new venture, there are bound to be changes and evolutions along the way, but for now, here are my thoughts and plans. I plan to have a variety of posts, because that is just who I am. Some days I am lighthearted and peppy, some days I am deep and thoughtful, some days I am crafty and creative, and other days I have so much dough on my hands and kids in my kitchen that I don't have thoughts on much of anything.

However, I will always have one filter for what I post: I want it to be useful to myself and to others in the process of preparing the soil of children's hearts. If by reading something that I write or post, you are inspired to be more intentional, more loving, more patient, more humble, more disciplined, more realistic, more creative, more appreciative, or more focused on God, then I will have succeeded in my goal.  That said, you need to understand that while I believe Scripture and great quotes from books are useful (and there will be a lot of those), I also think that ideas for family activities, recipes for food your family will love, and photos of happy children are beneficial as well. Inspiration for parenting can come from many places and in many forms. So if I have something that inspires me to be a better mom -- whether it be a thought, a verse, a recipe, or an activity -- I will pass it on to you.

I want to be sure that you understand something, though: I am on this journey too.  I'm only eight and a half (according to my daughter, that half is really important!) years into this parenting gig. I don't have all the answers. I don't have all the experience. I have no idea what I might face tomorrow.  I am right in the trenches with you, struggling each day to love my children for the glory of God. I am sharing my journey with you simply because women need each other.  Moms need each other. We need to know that we have a high calling that is worth fighting for and that we aren't in it alone. Everywhere we turn the world is telling us that we are "just" moms.  The world is shouting that what we do isn't important and that we should go do something really meaningful.  The world is trying to get us to believe that we were meant for more than wiping bottoms and playing Candy Land. And if that is all we are really doing, then I might agree.

However, the cry of my heart and the reason I am going to share my oh-so-imperfect journey with you, is because I believe that being a mom is so much more than this. When you look beneath the bottom wiping and Candy Land playing, you can see beautiful hearts, minds, and souls being tenderly cultivated.  You can see tiny sprouts of God's  image breaking through the soil. You can start to envision lives that will fight for truth and justice, lives that will extend their hands to the poor, lives that will be lived out in sacrificial service to others. I truly believe that moms can change the world. That change -- with all its unleashed power and potential --starts in our own homes and in our own hearts. And that's what I plan to share with you.

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5 thoughts on “Useful to Me, Useful to You

  1. Rhadonda

    Don’t you picture this as an on-line version of what the ladies used to do when they made quilts together? Sit around and share and encourage one another ( well at least i assume that is what they did). We really miss that in our day of busyness and communication styles. Just my thoughts at the moment ( :

    1. Janet Post author

      Yes, Rhadonda, definitely! Women used to see each other all the time, visiting from house to house. Today’s life makes it so easy to never actually spend time with other women since we can do everything from home and most people keep their lives to busy that there isn’t time to just sit, talk, and encourage.

  2. jaime scott

    Kresta Littleton gave me your blog b/c she felt like your blog would be “right up my alley”. And I have to say that after reading all of your posts, I loove your blog! I feel like we have the same heart. In the last few months, God has totally changed my view on motherhood (calling me deeper) and calling me to homeschooling and I am so passionate about it. I wrote a blog a week or so ago on motherhood – And in it, I said the same thing: that we mothers can change the world. I’m so excited to read your blog. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Janet Post author

      So glad you found me. I love meeting like-minded mothers! Your post on motherhood sings the tune of my heart in perfect pitch!


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