A Mother’s Love

Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.

1 Corinthians 13:4-7

Let's try this again, paraphrased for moms:

  • Mom is patient
  • Mom is kind
  • Mom does not envy
  • Mom does not boast
  • Mom is not proud
  • Mom is not rude
  • Mom is not self-seeking
  • Mom is not easily angered
  • Mom keeps no record of wrongs
  • Mom does not delight in evil
  • Mom rejoices with the truth
  • Mom always protects
  • Mom always trusts
  • Mom always hopes
  • Mom always perseveres

Mom loves me!

An expanded paraphrase:

  • Mom is patient towards us and our immaturity, clumsiness, and neediness.
  • Mom is kind to us and to dad, doing things not just because she was asked, but just to be nice.
  • Mom does not envy dad for getting to leave all day and go to work or envy our friends who have more money, nicer things, or an easier situation than we do.
  • Mom does not boast and brag about all the things she does for us.
  • Mom is not proud of herself but is constantly looking for ways to improve.
  • Mom is not rude to us kids, to dad, to the grocery store clerk, or to drivers on the road.
  • Mom is not self-seeking. She looks for ways to do things for us rather than just seeking out the things that she wants.
  • Mom is not easily angered, even when we make big mistakes or the same small mistakes over and over again. She understands that we are children and that "foolishness is bound to the heart of a child."
  • Mom keeps no record of wrongs. I know that when she forgives us, she won't bring it up again.
  • Mom does not delight in evil. She doesn't expose us or herself to evil and immoral things/people, no matter how many other people find them "okay," "fun," or "harmless." She takes the guarding of hearts and minds (her own and ours!) seriously.
  • Mom rejoices with the truth. She gets excited to share God's truth with us, whether that is showing us the beauty of God's creation or teaching us to work diligently.
  • Mom always protects us. She doesn't let us accidentally stumble into things that could hurt or harm us. She protects our bodies (keeping us safe, healthy, and well rested), our minds (filtering what we can watch, see, or hear), and our hearts (keeping us from things and people who can or will make us feel sad , inadequate, lonely, or unloveable). She also protects her own body (getting sleep and exercise), her mind (by filling it with good things like the Word and good books; she keeps out bad things that waste her time or make her feel unsatisfied with her life), and her heart (making sure she and dad have time to love each other, spending time with other women who encourage her, reading books that inspire her).
  • Mom always trusts us in proportion with our age and ability. She always challenges us to try new and harder things but doesn't give us more than our minds, heart, or bodies are ready for.
  • Mom always hopes. She believes that what she is doing is significant and eternal, no matter how much her work goes unnoticed and how many people belittle the role of "mother."
  • Mom always perseveres. Even when she is tired, busy, and feels unappreciated, she keeps going. She knows that what she sows, she will reap...maybe not today, but in its rightful season.

Mom loves me!

Every day I tell my children that I love them. But words are not enough. True love implies action. My prayer is that these statements will one day be easily and truthfully spoken by my children. What work I have yet to do!

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13 thoughts on “A Mother’s Love

  1. Kellie

    Just wanted you to know that I appreciate the Print Friendly button. Saved me a lot of copying and pasting today.

  2. Jason

    Thanks for your words sweety! If there are any dads reading this go back and change mom to dad. You will find it very convicting and encouraging. Husband of Janet.

  3. Naomi Glenn

    Hi Janet, I just recently found your blog (well rounded mama) and have really enjoyed backtracking through all your posts. This was so encouraging. I was wondering if I could share this in our MOPS newsletter this fall? I don’t want to steal your work. But, would love to pass it along (giving you the credit, of course).

    1. Janet Post author

      Sure, Naomi, that would be fine. I appreciate you giving me credit (so that I can hopefully continue to encourage other moms!) I’d love to see the newsletter when you get done!

  4. Kristin

    This is beautiful!! I’ve seen this idea shared, but not spelled out in this way…directed at mother’s. It’s tough to live up to, but it’s certainly something to strive towards. Thank you for giving me a great way to start my day. :o)

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