Family Night: MAKEOVERS!

Spending time as a family is something we love to do.  It is also something we have to be very intentional about.  It is so easy to let the normal routines of life keep us from just being together.  Families can spend so much of their time running to this lesson and that play date, to this church event and that Scout Meeting.  The art of being at home, of being with your family, being actively engaged in an activity together (that doesn't involve the TV!) is all but lost today.  It saddens me, and yet I know that without a plan and a purpose, we too will fall into the trap of not knowing how to simply enjoy each other.

And so, we try to be intentional about doing activities together at home.  Many are simple -- baking together, playing games, gardening, reading books, and playing silly games at the dinner table. At other times, though, we try to take the next step and teach our kids how easy it is to create fun at home (without spending a fortune!)  We have a little treasure called our Jar of Fun that we will often do activities out of.  Recently, I have also written up a bunch of ideas of frugal family nights to do together. As Alaina, my oldest, was looking through them last week, I told her she could pick out an activity for that night. It took her all of about two seconds to choose FAMILY MAKEOVERS!

The activity was simple: break up into partners and let the other person give you a makeover (any way they choose!)   We try to keep lots of fun things like costumes and  face paint available, so we knew that the kids would have no trouble coming up with ideas and inspiration.  They love to get silly (especially when mom and dad are part of it!) In the end, we actually split up into two groups of three with a round robin approach: I made over Caleb, Caleb made over Levi, Levi made over me.  Jason made over Alaina, Alaina made over Katie, and Katie made over Jason (and Bethany was sleeping). Even Little Lucy couldn't escape Family Makeover Night!

It's amazing how much fun you can have when mom and dad stop being "adults" for a while and just let the little people lead the fun.  The messes are short-lived, but the memories will last forever!

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6 thoughts on “Family Night: MAKEOVERS!

  1. Erika Gordon

    I love it 🙂 Okay, well Jason scares me a little bit, hehe! And I love A’s hair the way it is now, so pretty and grown up!

  2. Melinda

    So agree with this… and we need to do better at doing this intentionally! BTW, is Alaina the Incredible Hulk?

    1. Janet Post author

      Ha ha! Yes, she is! Jason and Levi were supposed to be partners but due to some “I want to be with Mommy!” problems, we were in groups of three and Jason ended up with Alaina. He already had his plan for Levi so he just transferred his ideas to Alaina (with the addition of a shirt!)


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