Family Night: HOTEL NIGHT (at home!)

Welcome to the SUPER HOTEL...where it's so comfortable, you'd think you were at home.  Oh wait, it IS home!

Last weekend we had another fun family night!  It was our eight-year-old's turn to choose and she knew just what she wanted to do: Hotel Night!  You see, staying at hotels is one of our family's very favorite activities.  There is just something so fun about getting away, all of us crammed in one room, with nothing to distract us from just enjoying one another. Ever since we have had kids, staying at hotels every so often is something we have chosen to invest in. Oftentimes, we don't even leave our city.  And still, so much fun is to be had.  No housework, no computers, no one knocking on our door.  Just togetherness, laughs, good food, and lots of fun. Our kids, of course, love the fact that we allow them to jump on beds at hotels (something we don't allow at home!)

For this family night, though, we thought we would stay even closer to home. We had a "hotel night" AT home! We decided that from "check in" until "check out," we would pretend that our master bedroom was a hotel room and we would all stay together for the night.  When our daughter chose this activity, she wasn't lacking in the creativity department!  Really, she thought of everything. There are even some things that give evidence to the fact that we live overseas and some things are just done differently here.

First, there were signs all over the house!  She had one outside by the "pool" (a fish pond), one in the entry way, one a little farther in, signs on our get the picture.

She also had a check in desk set up, complete with a computerized form.

The kids packed their bags and ventured downstairs to get checked in. We received our keys and made our way to Room 283!

Once inside the room, we got to see some of the other amazing touches that she added.  I love the baby Orajel for our teething five-month-old and the fact that there are enough water cups for the whole family -- something we never get at hotels!

The boys said that their favorite parts of the room were the "free iPad" and the dog!

After we "checked in," we got settled, the kids got changed into jammies (which were, by the way, two of dad's t-shirts since the girls forgot PJ's!). and there was a small dance party.  Next, the pizza guy came!  We can't get pizza delivered where we live, but since it is something we try to do when we are at a real hotel, we recreated the experience by having Jason pick up pizza in town earlier in the day.

After dinner we all crawled in bed and watched a movie and then, blissfully, all went to bed at 7:00 pm (well, except for Jason who snuck out for a bit.  Shhh...don't tell the kids!)

The next morning the pizza guy turned into the doughnut guy and a dozen Dunkin' Donuts appeared at our door! Yum!  After breakfast, we hung out some more and around 9:30 we all got packed up and said farewell to our glorious hotel night.  I can't wait for the next one!

I think my favorite part of the night, other than just being with my family, was seeing my daughter get so creative.  We've stayed at a enough hotels that she knows how they work and she spent a lot of time and energy making sure our hotel room was perfect.  She did such a great job.  We had fun and she had the experience of using her creativity and gift for hospitality to make us all feel welcome.  Kids have such an amazing ability to be creative and to show off their wonderful imaginations!

I highly encourage you to try having your own hotel night! It's easy, it's free, and it's oh-so-fun!

2 thoughts on “Family Night: HOTEL NIGHT (at home!)

  1. Judi

    This post makes me chuckle! We are in transition right now and are living at an extended stay hotel. I don’t think I ever want to stay at a hotel again! 🙂 But I know it has been a good thing for our family. I guess we have more to learn because after a two week stay at a friend’s home we find ourselves heading back to the hotel. Hopefully this will not be longer than one month. We think we may have found a temporary rental but it is not available until October.

    You are making great memories with your children. Thanks for sharing them!

    Judi 🙂


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