Food Friday #4 — Rainbow Pancakes

Food for the Soul

"Let us love our children by letting them see where our own hands and hearts are being filled." from HERE

Take an honest look around. Where do you go to find refreshment, nourishment for your soul, and peace for your heart? What fills your time? What people, conversations, and activities do you crave when you are tired, lonely, and confused? When your children see you in need of "filling up," where do they see you head?

What we are telling our children -- in deeds that speak so much louder than words -- is that these are the places that they, too, should look for enjoyment and refreshment. Let us be diligent in showing (not merely telling) them where true nourishment is found.

Food for the Body

Back in April, I surprised the kids one night with rainbow pancakes.  They LOVED them and ever since that time, when I announce that I am making pancakes, they always ask in a half-pleading voice, "Rainbow?"

And then after seeing some cute little pancakes on a stick on Pinterest, I knew there was a fun food night in the making. Rainbow pancakes + pancakes on a stick = RAINBOW PANCAKES ON A STICK.  Bonus points for a dollop of whipped cream with some optional mini-chocolate chips and fresh-cut strawberries.

After the sweet little mini-pancakes were consumed in about 3.5 seconds, we enjoyed some regular sized rainbow fun. And then the silliness began.


To make rainbow pancakes, I just make up my favorite pancake recipe and then split into six bowls.  I add a few drops of food coloring at a time until I get the color I am looking for. Easy, fun, and scores big points with cute little kids.

9 thoughts on “Food Friday #4 — Rainbow Pancakes

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  2. Helen Johnstone

    What fun! Fairly simple, but memory making. They would look great at a party too – just make them earlier in the day, then reheat : )

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  5. Wendi Collins

    Just Did Rainbow Spaghetti for my kids ages 2- almost 7 , they thought I was the coolest mommy ever! and had magic powers! lol.. going to def try these next for St Pats Day Breakfast This Sunday! 😉 🙂

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