My eBook Release!

It’s been a long time coming! This project started in my head who-knows-how-long-ago and in actuality back in the summer.  But life and family meant that the process would be longer and slower than I had hoped.  However, I can now happily say that this labor of love is officially finished and ready to share!  Here's the official description:

If spending quality time together as a family—without it costing a fortune—is your desire, look no further. MORE THAN A MOVIE is a collection of 50 ideas for fun and frugal family nights that don't involve turning on the T.V. Each of the four sections—Food, Fun, Thinking of Others, and Out & About—will inspire you with short chapters listing easy-to-gather materials and a simple how-to. Most activities require very little preparation and are all easy on the wallet. Janet Phillips—the author and a happy mother of five—believes that family and fun shouldn't cost a fortune. As you look at her creative ideas, you'll be amazed to see how cheap and simple a fun-filled family night can be. All you really need is a willing heart and the desire to enjoy a fun evening with the people you love most.  

I am so thankful for so many people who cheered me on and supported me in this endeavor. There is no way I could have done this alone.  My family and close friends have helped me find a place for my heart to be shared with others. I am so incredibly grateful.

You can learn more about the book RIGHT HERE, including how to purchase a copy for Kindle, for Nook, and as a .pdf file (for viewing on the computer, for printing, or for reading on most eReaders).  You can also download a free chapter!


If you think this is something that your friends or family would enjoy, I would love if you could share the information with others. An email, a blog post, a post on Facebook—all of these things go a long way in "getting the word out."

10 thoughts on “My eBook Release!

  1. Marit Welker

    I LOVE this idea. What a great concept! I wish more of us focused on the good like this, instead of the problems. Thanks for creating some solutions that will hopefully make our family time more fun and “productive”. Have an awesome day! I can’t wait to read the book AND share it with others!

  2. Tara

    This is looks like a fantastic book and I’m looking forward to read it…Your philosophy for quality family life is right up my alley…

  3. DawnV

    LOVE this concept and book. Spending quality time together is the most important (and often missing) piece of a healthy family life. We’ll definitely be sharing the link to your book with our fans as well. 🙂


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