My New Year Starts Today

The last six or seven weeks have  It has been a time filled with some amazing blessings and some real  soul-searching hard times.  My faith has been tested, my priorities questioned, and my future goals altered.  It has been hard, but oh-so-good. Yesterday brought much closure to some issues and I feel like today is the first day of the new year.  When 2012 arrived on the calendar, I wasn't ready for it. I still had much that I was working through and new beginnings weren't on my to-do list.  But now, well, my body,soul, and mind are tired, but they are ready. Ready for the new year. Ready for new beginnings. This year is going to bring a lot of changes for our family.  It is going to bring a lot of unknowns.  But God is preparing me and I am so excited for what is ahead. So happy 2012.  Today is the first day of my new year.        

2 thoughts on “My New Year Starts Today

  1. Rhadonda

    It is so good to see you post my friend. I have been wondering, praying for you. Isn’t it exciting to anticipate what God has in store? My husband and I are doing some real soul searching too. Direction in ministry, where to serve, willing to stay, willing to go, etc. He has been preaching his heart out and baring his soul. We are in much anticipation awaiting His direction. Look at your sweet family! So precious and happy. You are doing an awesome job at the task at hand, training your children in the way they should go. A big cyber hug to you, my sister in the Lord and in His service.

  2. Kate

    Happy New Year, Janet! I’d noticed that you hadn’t posted in a while and was hoping that everything was okay. So glad to hear from you and looking forward to hearing what God has in store for you. Every day is an adventure!


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