Lately, this one is looking so mature and grown up.  She may be only nine, but I know my time with her is short.

Lately, this little one is looking like she might be finally interested in walking. She's been pulling up for months, but hasn't shown the slightest inclination towards scooting or walking.

Lately, I've been handing my camera to my kids a lot.  They enjoy it and I love knowing that when my kids are older, they will have pictures of themselves with their mom.

Lately, we've been taking more walks, drives, and motorbike rides into the nearby villages.  I want to soak all of this in while I can.

Lately, our weather has been either lots of rain at night or some incredibly gorgeous skies.  We took advantage of one of the latter evenings to be silly.

Lately, my baby boy doesn't seem like a baby.  He's almost six and I cringe to think of this sweet boy being anything but my sweet, giggling baby.

Lately, I've been taking a lot more pictures and for the first time in the last four years, am actively trying to improve. It has uncovered a lot of fears, insecurities, and some serious love.

Lately, this girl is making my heart thump out of my chest.  She's sweet, a bit sassy, and totally hilarious. My favorite thing is waking up and seeing that she has crawled into bed and has her arms wrapped around Jason. She's a daddy's girl for sure.

Lately, this boy is getting big. He has matured in so many ways and yet he remains the quirky little guy I love so much. Today he told me, "I'm going to let my pet millipede sleep in my hair, because that is where he likes it best.  I think it is because it is so soft back there."

Lately, I've been thinking a lot of our influence as mothers.  These little feet will follow ours.  Is that where we want them to go?

Lately, we've been spending two nights a week at the school watching basketball games.  Well really, Jason watches basketball, the kids play with their friends, and I chase this little one around the grass.

Lately, if it is possible, I have fallen in deeper love with this kid.  This photo is just so him.  Dirty face, tears just finishing up, sweet grin with that irresistible dimple, and a twinkle in his eye. If I could bottle him up, I would.  But I have been trying since he was three and have yet to succeed.

Lately, I have been learning to walk the fine line between treating this girl like a young child (which she still is in many ways) and treating her like a young woman (which she also is). I don't want to lean too far in either direction. I want to teach her responsibility without expecting her to do my work.  I want to teach her playfulness and fun without letting her exhibit a level of selfishness and carelessness that is beyond her. Wisdom, Lord.

Lately, I've started to wonder if this will be the last of the Phillips babies.  We're open to more but are trying to look to God and trust Him in all things. The answer seems to be, "Not now" and I don't know if that makes me sad or makes me feel relieved. One thing is for sure, children are a precious blessing. And I will just keep praying what my professor in college recommended, "Lord, give us as many children as we can effectively raise to serve You."

Lately, I'm been mindful of how truly blessed I am and I am seeking God more than ever for wisdom in fulfilling this calling to raise these children to love Him and serve others.  May they have undivided hearts!

6 thoughts on “Lately…

  1. cadafamily

    your blog is such a blessing. my husband and I are just starting our family (one 8 month old), and you are an encouragement! We are also considering moving to that side of the world, to an island a bit north. Email us updates if you can 🙂

  2. Shannon

    Lately… I’ve been wondering the same as you regarding whether our family is supposed to grow more or stay as it is. My daughter is 3 and we’ve been hoping for a little brother or sister for a while now. As difficult as it has been, we have come to terms with God’s “not now”, and I also don’t know whether I’m sad or relieved about it. Thank you for the post and bringing words to my emotions.

  3. Kasandra Mathieson

    What a beautiful post! Love the pictures of your darling children…can I ask if you are using actions and if so, which ones? I love the look you have on some of them….. I too have 5 children but the youngest is 12 and time has went so fast!

    1. Janet Post author

      No, I don’t use any actions. I’ve never been a big fan of them. For the last seven years I have been using Photoshop Elements and have recently switched (mostly) to Lightroom. I’m still learning, though.

  4. Diane E

    I love reading your blog Janet. Your words and photos are always so inspiring…probably because they are so raw and true andI so appreciate how you have a way of letting us into a glimpse of your life…I love watching your beautiful family grow and appreciate how honest you are about life…I admire you for being such an amazing mother and wife…even with all your fears and imperfections….ESPECIALLY b/c of that…(although, honestly, you are doing an amazing job!) Thanks for sharing a little part of your life.


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