ABC Photo Walk

We've been taking a lot of walks lately.  I find that when I get outside and walk on a regular basis, it does wonders for my soul.  As a family, it is a cheap and easy activity that we all enjoy. For the kids, it burns up some energy and reminds them how beautiful God's creation is.

One night last week, we decided to go for a walk.  Only this time, we decided to do an ABC Photo Walk.  After I published my book in November, I was kind of happy to just set it aside.  I had seen too much of it!  But it's been a few months and I was reminded why I wrote the book: so that we would have fun and frugal family activity ideas.  As I looked through the book, I was reminded again how easy and fun it can be to do things with the family.

We told the kids that we would be taking a walk around the neighborhood and looking for "letters".  We showed them a few examples of what we meant, and they got it and were excited. Once on our walk, we tried a few things (going in order from oldest to youngest and then looking for letters in order) but in the end, we found that as long as one person wasn't trying to take over and we worked as a team, we just called out letters as we saw them and it all went smoothly.

We were afraid that it would take a long time or that we would have letters we couldn't find, but it turned out to be quite simple.  I think it only took us about 30-40 minutes to find every letter of the alphabet!  It was a lot of fun and a good way to break up and otherwise normal Thursday night!  We didn't leave our neighborhood and yet we had a great time and a wonderful memory.  Maybe I need to dust off my book more often!

Have you done any fun family activities lately?


6 thoughts on “ABC Photo Walk

  1. Rhadonda

    That is so fun. I tried to do that last summer. It was hard for me, maybe fresh eyes of young kids helps!! My sister got your book and loves it. Now you need to take those letters and spell out a word for a frame. My daughter did that with our last name, GOSPEL for dad, her twin sister’s name, etc. I am sure you have seen these all over the internet. Good job girl!!!

  2. Abigail

    This is really neat, Janet. It was fun seeing some “everyday” views of the neighborhood again. Such a fun way to spend time together. I’m filing this away in the memory bank! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Mel

    I love this…I’ve actually been wanting to do something similar so I can do Maelie’s name and frame it for her room. So great. Reading your book is something I want to do, too. (soon!) We’re taking a trip next week…yay for actual time to read! Hope you are well.


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  6. Bethany K

    This is great!! I want to do this now. I’m a SAHM and basically just sit around the house all day (don’t judge). Granted, my LO is just under 4 months, so he wouldn’t get into this. 🙂 But it would give me something to do while he’s napping in the baby carrier!


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