She’s Four, Pt. 1

My sweet Katie turned four on Tuesday. It's really hard to believe.  In some ways, it seems so short of a time.  And in other ways, well, life has flipped upside down and back around since the day we met her.  She has been such a source of joy and frustration in our lives.  She has taught us so much about parenting, personality, and patience. She has challenged us in deep ways and made us laugh harder than we knew possible. God has BIG things in store for this little lady, of that I am sure!

You see, Katie has her own way of seeing the world.  Her entire being asks the question, "Why does it have to be done that way?"  Why walk upstairs straight when you can do it spinning? Why eat your food with a fork when lapping it up as a dog is so much more fun?  Why sleep in your own bed when the little spot next to Daddy is so much more warm and comfy?   Those questions that define Katie's life used to bother me.  I would think, "Why can't you just do what you are told?"  And then, by God's grace, I started to see the beauty in who she is.  I have learned to see the amazing potential that lives inside of question askers.  We have needed lots and lots of wisdom in learning how to teach her when it is okay to ask questions or seek another method and when she just needs to obey.  I think we all have learned a lot.

The world needs questions askers.  The world needs people to ask, "Why must we do it this way when that way might be better (or more fun)?"  The church needs people to ask, "Why are we doing it this way?  I know what 'everyone' is doing, but why?"

The world needs boundary pushers.  The world needs people to say, "I know that is all that has been let's do more!" The church needs people to say, "I know we are limited by time and resources...but God ISN'T.  So let's dream big and GO BIG!"

And as I raise one of these question askers and boundary pushers, I pray for God's wisdom. Obedience isn't optional. Mediocrity is. I want to take the BIGNESS  of my sweet four-year-old's personality and channel it so that all that is big and grand in her will be used to do BIG and GRAND things for God.  It's people like her who will make a difference. It is people like her who will stop the orphan crisis or else die trying.  It is people like her who will challenge the status quo in politics and push for true and lasting change.

Oh God, give me the wisdom to raise this special little girl.  You've got big plans.


2 thoughts on “She’s Four, Pt. 1

  1. Stefanie

    I have one of these special children too, thanks for this post.
    You have encouraged me to look for the good instead of being bent out of shape by the way she thinks and always chooses and uses her ways over mine. Her father is just like that too and it causes me endless frustration. I need to look longer term, to how God will use her unique outlook on life, her unique way of seeing things and questioning the status quo, her emotional responses to me and life in general.
    He has big plans for her too, of that I am sure and just needed to be reminded.
    Thanks, again.


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