Busy Week!

Can I just say that all of you mama's (especially those in large families) who manage to get up every morning, get your kids fed, dressed, homework collected, and lunches made have some kind  of  magical powers that I just do not possess?

This week is SPIRITUAL EMPHASIS WEEK at the school where Jason teaches. It is also our annual WEEK WITHOUT WALLS.  I am doing all of the speaking for the elementary students and we wanted our kids to go on the service projects, so, they have all been in school all day. It's been quite  shift from our normal, slow-to-get-started routine. Getting all of the kids up and ready to leave by 7:40 is wearing me out! I usually get up early but I finally had to set an alarm (the first in years!) so that I would be able to get in all my regular morning stuff (Bible time, walk, shower, etc) AND get everyone else ready. The kids are exhausted too—which is why it is 6:20 pm and they are all in bed! It's been a great week and I am glad we are doing it but I will be VERY happy after Spring Break when life gets back to normal (which includes school often done in jammies!)

I have some posts in the works —things that have been mulling around in my head — but I need to get back to planning my final talks for the week. I have been speaking about our theme for the week: RESTORE, RENEW, REACT and I have been talking with these precious kids about RESTORING OUR JOY through forgiveness and gratefulness, RENEWING OUR MIND by watching over our heart with diligence, and REACTING in obedience. It's been good for me to be reminded of these things in my own life  and to be challenged to strive for more.

So, since I can't finish my other posts right now, I'll just leave you with photos from Saturday's walk.  Jason and I had had an unexpected surprise of a morning out together, so we went to the Dago caves, where you can see an ammunition store carved in the stone by the Japanese during WWII and also caves dug by the Dutch. It's  a great walk and we had a good time talking, exploring, and even doing a little geocaching. The best part was finding a cache and then learning the next day that it was actually planted by friends of ours!

Hope your week is going great!


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