Making Memories

Just wanted to pop in and say hi.  We are away this week as a family, making memories, and  investing in us. It's our one last hurrah in Indonesia before we make our way to the States in June. I am really hoping that the time away is good for us all. Our lives are about to undergo a major change and that means that it is even more important for us to have a solid foundation as a family.  We want our children to know that no matter where we are, we are still the same family with the same purpose and values.  I want them to start to grasp something God has been teaching me: God cares much more about who we are than where we are. We might call the United States "home" for the next year or two, but it doesn't change our hearts, our passions, or our purpose.  It's just geography.

As I was sitting in the car this morning on the way to the airport, I was squished in between two little ones. I thought, "Wow, I am so blessed, and so honored, and so humbled.  Oh Lord, give me wisdom to do this mama thing well." These little people (who fought about who was going to sit next to me) look up to me. They watch my every move and hear my every word. Hearts are being shaped by who I choose to be each day and who I choose to serve. I need to make sure that I give them something of value to look up to. As the book I am (still) reading says, "Sometimes our children will fail to listen to us. Rarely will they fail to imitate us."

This mama has a lot of growing to do.

I wanted to let you know that I am over at The Daily Digi today, talking about silhouettes.  So, if you love photography and want to try something fun, take a peek.

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