Home Again

Oh to be home again!

I really love being on vacation, but I am always so happy to be home again.

On vacation I have time to dream and think and plan and  read and all the other things that normal life often gets in the way of.  But do you know what I dream and think and plan and read about while I am on vacation?  Being home again—doing the task that God has called me to do at this time in my life—being a full-time mother.

Sure, God has given me gifts and talents that He wants me to use to bless the body of Christ.  In fact, I was pretty awe-struck just yesterday morning when I read, As each one has received a special gift, employ it in serving one another as good stewards of the manifold grace of God. (1 Peter 4:10).  Amazing!  By using the gifts we have been given, we are being stewards (caretakers) of God's grace! If I look only to the needs of my family while closing my eyes to the needs around me, I am not being a very good steward. God's grace extends beyond the seven people in my family and so I better make sure my gifts do as well!

However, my main role during this particular chapter of my life is to be home again.  To be fully present and intentional with the things God has asked me to do.  Things like loving my husband, loving my children, being a worker at home, extending my hands to the poor, and teaching my children the ways of God. God has created this beautiful institution of the family, a place where people can be at rest, be free to be themselves, to feel loved and affirmed, and to know that no matter what happens outside, inside the home and family, they are accepted and valued.

It's a lie the world makes women believe: that in order to be doing something valuable or to be contributing to society, we must look outside the walls of our home and family.  Since when is teaching kids to be kind, to obey, and to love and serve others not considered to be something valuable or not contributing to society?  I think that if more mothers would do more of this, society as a whole would be a lot better off! The world would be better served by a new generation that knows how to turn off the TV and to love others than a repeat of a generation that lets the world woo them to leisure, prosperity, and a me-first attitude.

No one can take my place in offering the blessings of affirmation, training, teaching, and modeling to my children.  And so as much as I dream about things I would love to do and places I would love to go, I am convinced more than ever that the place I need to be is at home. Day by day, creating a life of love and truth and beauty and goodness for our family. I don't always do it well, but oh how I long to!

Vacation is wonderful, but being home again is even better.

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  1. Carrie Taylor

    Love this post!
    I have just found your blog and I am loving it! thanks so much for taking your time to write your blog. 🙂


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