Life Around Here

Me and the birthday boy.  Six.  {Sigh}
  Life here is good. Busy, but good.

Six birthdays down, one to go.

A trip to Bali for me and the hubby. Considering I am leaving tomorrow, I guess I should pack something.

Writing for The Daily Digi

Scrapbooking, writing, and templates for Sweet Shoppe Designs.

Doing Couch to 5k again.

Loving on little ones.

Reading How We Decide. Finished The Pilgrim's Progress.

Trying to pack and sell all of our things.  We leave in six weeks.

Mourning that we will probably have to leave our dog here. Seriously, my heart just breaks.

Making plans for summer.  For friends, family, and rest.

Praying for God's direction and provision in all things.

2 thoughts on “Life Around Here

  1. Rhadonda

    You guys are so beautiful. I pray you have a wonderful time on your trip. Praying for you in this transition. Can you share yet where you are moving to in the States? Sometimes change is so hard but trusting and following God is the best place to be. This is a major year of changes for us and i am on an emotional roller coaster. Feel a little like Abraham perhaps going into the unknown. Thankful for a big and mighty God who sees and knows all things.

  2. Mel

    I’m so sorry about your dog. 🙁 Leaving a place is so hard, and reading this brought tears to my eyes. We’ll keep you in our prayers through everything…praying you make some amazing memories during your last weeks in Indo. And Bali is fantastic…I really hope you are having/had a wonderful time!!!


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