I Want to Remember

One of the things I will miss most about Indonesia is my morning walk.  This past year—and these last few months in particular—has been amazing.  I have always enjoyed walking, but this year, it has been so much more.  My two-mile walk each morning is my prayer time.  My counseling time.  My therapy, soul-filling, soul-spilling, breathe-deep-and-inhale-every-ounce-of-God's-blessing time. I have really had no other time in my life quite like it.  I have talked to God.  I have cried (a lot!) I have prayed and sought God for wisdom.  For answers.  I have listened.  I have had God speak to my heart words of encouragement and words of gentle rebuke.  He has brought healing to certain periods of my life and excitement for periods yet to come.  I really can't express the gift that each morning brings me.

And so, with only 29 days left, I decided to bring my camera this morning. It was an attempt to capture a glimpse of my daily gift from God. Of course, each day is different.  Each day the sun and the clouds dance to different music and each day a different painting is brushed in the sky.  But this is a peek.  A look into my favorite 45 minutes of the day. I want to remember this.

I want to remember the long shadows cast as the sun hits our backs.

I want to remember the sun and its amazing shades of orange and red

I want to remember the solitude I enjoyed every morning.  Just me and my sweet dog.  And every once in a while, a husband or kid (or 2!)

I want to remember all of construction I pass every morning and the little "homes" the workers build for themselves. If you look closely, you can see a TV in this one.  It's on every morning.

I want to remember my sweet companion. Her excitement about her morning walk keeps me accountable!

I want to remember all the house boys I see, washing cars and sweeping leaves. It never ceases to amaze me how many workers our neighbors employ!

I want to remember the foggy mornings (like today) and how beautiful the scenery is, no matter what the weather is doing.

I want to remember the intensity of the equatorial sun and how fast it rises, changing the color of everything in its path.

I want to remember seeing the place of Bethany's birth and being reminded every day what a blessing she is.

I want to remember the rukos (rumah= house, toko=store, rumah+toko=ruko) that I pass each day.

I want to remember the "grass sidewalk" that Levi introduced me to.  I wonder how many times I walked past it without ever realizing it was there?

I want to remember the muddy motorcycle tracks I have to walk through each morning to get to the walking trail

I want to remember all the little "shops" that get set up outside the gate for all the construction workers.  Every morning I pass people drinking hot coffee, eating breakfast, and getting ready to start their day.

I want to remember the ment that I see fishing for their breakfast

I want to remember Lucy's excitement (and her frustration every time I stop to take a picture!)

I want to remember the primitive fishing boats and nets

I want to remember the house at the end of our road that didn't even exist when we moved in 11 months ago.

I want to remember the bamboo raft that the people from the kampung (village) us to cross the water.  Pull the string, the raft comes to you.  Pull it again, it takes you to the other side.

Often there are ladies doing their laundry on this raft.  It amazes me to watch them just washing away, regardless if the raft is crossing the river or not.

I want to remember the beautiful flowers and bugs and the lesson that God taught me on my walks: Just Look!

I want to remember all the tiny little "fields" and plantings that mean food and livelihood for those who work on them

I want to remember the long and winding path and the lampposts that make me thing of The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

I want to remember the contrast of the primitive fishing boats and fields next to the expensive and luxurious homes

I want to remember the bus that brings so many to work each morning

I want to remember the security booth and the Satpams that greet me every day

And I want to remember the path that leads me home, leads me to the beginning of my day, leads me to the five little people who depend on me for so much. By filling myself—first with Bible time and then with my walk—I have something with which to fill them. 

What fills your soul?

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  1. Kelly

    Sounds lovely. I wish my morning walk could be so peaceful and fulfilling. It’s just plain stressful in the city of Kampala. So I often opt out. Pray with me as I figure some way to get out in nature and breathe deep.


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