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Mother's Day.  You can see more photos here.

I've had some good conversations lately. About being a mom, what that means, how hard it is, and why I do what I do. I love talking about these things because they make me think, learn, grow, and remember what I am called to do. I wrote to one friend what a lonely road this can be. I told another friend how hard it is at times.  I spoke with someone else about wanting to fulfill God's plan for our family, not worrying about what others are doing. I shared with another friend my sadness about a lack of role models who are doing this mothering thing whole-heartedly. Being a mother, and doing it in a way that makes my children see that Christ is all-satisfying, is hard.  It's scary.  It's lonely. And I cannot do it on my own.

This morning I read something beautiful. A few months ago, John Piper announced his plan to retire from his pastorate at Bethlehem Baptist Church and their church has now voted to appoint Jason Meyer as the new Pastor of Preaching. His wife wrote a beautiful letter to the church and shared a little of their family's process of coming to this point of acceptance. You should really read what she wrote.  She is speaking specifically of their call to the church and how it wasn't a role they wanted, but her words ring true regardless of the situation. As she explains, they realized that to take a path that is scary and not what they would choose means that they will get more of God. And who doesn't want more of God? I love this part especially:

Lord, you know that I do not want this, but you seem to be leading this way. Why? It seemed as though the Lord said, “but what if you would have more of me in all of this?” It was the answer we needed and it became the watershed moment. It was like Jericho where all of our defensive walls fell down. We were able to say, “We have never wanted this (Pastoring Bethlehem), but we have always wanted that (more of God).”

Everything changed after that point. Suddenly, the path that we were on (which we loved), was now the one that seemed scarier to stay on because the Lord was moving to another. Don’t get me wrong, this path scares me. However, if this path that seems scary and big brings me closer to God, then it is the path for me.

If only all of would grasp this truth! The path we should be on is the one that will bring us closer to God.  It isn't the path that is easier, or less risky, or filled with our friends, or what is culturally acceptable, or what is financially feasible.  The path that we should be on is the one that will bring us to God. It's The Pilgrim's Progress.

If God calls me to a path that doesn't look like anything I imagined, should I run away?  Should I cling to the opinion of others, to my own desires, to the health and well-being of my kids? Or rather, should I take God at His Word, trusting Him in all I do, and leap into His arms and say, "I don't know where we are going, but I am here for the ride!"  

My mind has mulled over what this looks like for me as a mother, but the same principle could apply in so many areas. Fill in your own blank:

“We have never wanted this (_________________), but we have always wanted that (more of God).”

Yes, Lord.  More of this.

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  1. Rhadonda

    I sooooo needed to read this post. I just got back from moving my 22-yo daughter 19 hours away to work with a ministry to the Lakota Indians. So did not want to do that. Now have come back to move her twin sister into an apartment to prepare for her marriage in 3 months. So did not want to do that. Praying for God’s provision for our 24 yo son in a place to live as we move in 6 weeks to begin a new adventure as church planter, leaving a place of comfort for 16 years. SOOO do not want to do that. BUT…. I DO want more of God. This is what is totally sustaining me through all these transitions. Change is good. God is great! Praying for you and your sweet family in this transition. How exciting! Can’t wait to follow what God does in this next phase of your life.


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