This Was September

*In an effort to give an update on the last seven months, I am posting monthly reviews for June-December 2013. Feel free to check out JUNE, JULY, AUGUST, and FAMILY PHOTOS, October, November, and December As I mentioned in my August post, by the time Jason and the kids got back from their trip to Michigan, I was twelve weeks along and feeling much better.  I have never felt better at twelve weeks so I was extremely thankful.  I was still really tired and I was sick by about four in the afternoon, but overall, I was doing much better.  And with Jason starting work and me being at home all day with five kids plus all the homeschooling and housework, feeling even slightly better was a huge blessing!

One of my favorite parts of September was waking up and enjoying my Bible time by this window.  With steaming coffee in hand, I would watch the sun rise over the trees and I would soak in the only words that can change me.

School continued on as normal.  Here Alaina is making a poster about the classification of animals.

Before Jason and the kids' trip to Michigan, we purchased a very large tent.  Jason was quite brave to attempt camping with five kids all by himself.  They had a great time, though, and here you can see them reliving the experience as they set up the tent in our yard as we grilled out.

We are pretty choosy about how we spend our money.  However, after looking into things, we decided to purchase a yearly membership to the North Carolina zoo.  Due to their family pricing structure, just two trips to the zoo in a year would cost us more than an entire-year membership.  Plus, we now have access to many other zoos and aquariums for 50-100% off.

One of the best part of the zoo was a children's play area.  What I loved about it was that there really wasn't much set up.  Rather, there were just lots of things for the kids to play and imagine with: branches, buckets, sticks, rocks, strings, and more.  Our kids had a blast playing in there and we spent longer there than we did anywhere else in the park.  They built shelters, forts, a rope swing, and more.  It made me sad to see lots of families pass by and the kids begging to go in and play and the parents responding that there wasn't anything to see or do in there.  I beg to differ!

A bit later in the month, we drove about an hour to Raleigh's annual BugFest, put on by the Museum of Natural Sciences.  There were tons of exhibits and displays.  We barely scratched the surface in our 3-4 hours there.  One of the highlights was the Cafe Insecta, where there were all sorts of bug dishes being served up free of charge.  I was pretty sick that day so I didn't indulge, but much to my surprise, Alaina, Caleb, Katie, and Jason all gave it a try.  It might have had something to do with the dollar that I offered them if they could eat a whole piece of something 😉

After the insect cafe, we continued to walk around and explore.  One of their favorite stops was at a game station.  They loved racing by rolling the "dung" of the dung beetle!

Other than those few events, the month was pretty low-key.  I was still on the mend physically and Jason was busy with work.  We did enjoy a few nights grilling at the park and then a wonderful visit from my mom.

That was September!    

5 thoughts on “This Was September

  1. Rhadonda

    Loving your posts. So glad to see what your life has been the last 6 months. Excited to follow. Just curious if your are settling in the States now, I know life is God-led, just wondering for now ( : Thanks for sharing!

  2. Janet Post author

    I’ll get to that in the November post 🙂 But to answer your question, due to visa problems we will be in the States until July.

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