This Was November

*In an effort to give an update on the last seven months, I am posting monthly reviews for June-December 2013. Feel free to catch the others here: JuneJulyAugust, SeptemberOctober, and December.  

There aren't many photos from November.  Basically, it was just a hard month.  Although I was feeling better physically, emotionally I was a wreck.  Part of was hormones and part of it was just life. After a few hard weeks of trying to work various scenarios out, we found out that due to visa problems, we would not be able to return to Indonesia in January as planned.  Although there were some really great aspects of staying in the States for another six months, it was a blow to everything we had planned until that point.  So many decisions had been made based on the plan to return in January and here we were, just weeks before we thought we would be moving out of the missionary home and getting ready to fly back, and we all of a sudden had another 6-8 months to do something with.  Usually, I don't mind change.  In fact, I actually thrive on it.  This time, however, it was different.  It took me a long while to come to terms with staying. I'm two months farther down the road at this point and so although I miss Indonesia and part of me is sad that I am not there right now like I thought I would be, I am thrilled to be here in the States.  There are many things that we are looking forward to in the coming months! And when we do return to Indonesia (sometime in the summer), we will be more than ready!

The day after we found out we weren't going back, we got some good news....our ultrasound. Not only did we learn we are — Lord willing — having a healthy baby, we learned that we would once again even out the score to have 3 boys and 3 girls.  The kids were THRILLED to find out about a new baby brother! I went to the doctor without the kids, but when I got home I made some of their favorite cake batter truffles and I told them I would put either blue or pink inside.

Not much went on the rest of the month.  We did have a nice Thanksgiving celebration (a few days early) with Jason's parents and at the end of the month we had fun watching the kids in their handbell performance.  All semester they had been attending a music class for homeschoolers (on the property where we are staying) and this was there final performance. That was November!

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  1. Rhadonda

    Your pictures are so sweet. What a fun way to tell your kids boy or girl! I love cake pops. Isn’t it funny how we make plans and then God says “I know the plans I have for you……” I pray your time in the States is precious. I see it is already being filled with tons of memories. Hope we get to see maybe some scrap pages (in your spare time!). I am thinking you are doing something like project life based on your new products at Sweet Shoppe which i loved! Blessings to you my sister in the Lord!

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