Still Waiting

Katie has been waiting to turn five.  Or rather, "to turn Avery's age." Avery is our next door neighbor and for some reason, Katie just couldn't wait to be her age. And now she least for another few weeks.  Then Avery has another birthday.  🙂 Katie's wait is over. Mine, however, is not.


The end of pregnancy is always the hardest.  I knew it was coming. I was dreading it.  It's here and it is as bad as I remember it. I have learned my lesson, though, and I realize this time around that I need to make sure to keep quiet. Words that spill out when you are struggling emotionally and physically tend to be regretted.  So I'm keeping my words in. Our little man will be here soon and then I will let the words flow. In the meantime, I am keeping busy. Sewing. Crafting. Preparing. Dreaming. Hoping. Wishing. Celebrating. Snuggling. Enjoying. Katie turned five last week.  Bethany turns two on Sunday. My sister and her family arrive next week. And Lord willing, so will our sweet boy. Life is good, even in the waiting.


2 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. Rhadonda

    Sweet Janet. I am not pregnant but i needed to hear your words of instruction on keeping my words in when i am struggling. Such a lesson there and thanks for being honest and sharing. I will be praying for you and the arrival of your precious gift from God. I love following your family adventures. I look forward to your words and pictures flowing! You bring joy to me with your blog as i am finding it is very lonely and a big struggle to do church planting. But what rewards and growth depending on and trusting in our great and awesome God!


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