10 Days

It's been ten days since we welcomed our sweet new boy into our family. It's been a wonderful (though insanely busy) ten days and I am afraid I am failing miserably at finding the elusive balance between doing and resting. I know I need to let my body rest and heal and yet I also know that these seven people who live with me need me. They've sacrificed much over the last nine months and I am eager to be able to give all of myself once again.  So although I have much to say (oh what a joy to have the pregnancy fog lifted!), I ask that you'll please excuse the intermittent posting. I know more than ever that I want to share more of our family's story and purpose with you on a regular basis and yet I also know more than ever that I have to live our story and purpose out. And that means that these seven people have to be my primary focus. If I don't do this parenting thing with all the grace and wisdom that God freely provides, I have no business attempting to encourage other people in their own parenting journey. These young people (yours and mine) are precious in the eyes of their Father. Let's treat them as such.


8 thoughts on “10 Days

  1. Rhadonda

    What a beautiful gift from God! He is gorgeous. Carry on my faithful sister in the Lord. You are an awesome mom, wife and example. May God be Praised in ALL things, in rest and in living!

  2. Holly

    Congrats!!! He looks just like the other kids!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    From another mom of 6…. I understand the others totally still need you. There is still laundry, cooking, cleaning, driving, ……. you will do great!

  3. Rhadonda

    I just watched your Top 10 at Sweet Shoppe. Not sure where i could comment so came here. Can I give you a big shout out? I love you girl. You were amazing. And you were just the sweet person i knew you would be with a sweet, patient voice. Great tips too that will benefit many I know. Thanks for sharing!! Zachary was adorable.


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