I Meant to Tell You Earlier…

I really meant to post this a few days ago, but an unexpected (and truly amazing) trip the beach was offered to us and so we are busy enjoying the sun and the sand. We head back to Asia in less than four weeks and this week of family time is just what we need to refresh and inspire us to push through what the next few weeks will bring.

Many people have asked about digital scrapbooking. As I mentioned in my post last weekend, it has been a huge part of my life for the last eight years. It would be easy to write — once again — about why I love it and why am so thankful for it, but I have already written extensively about it here and here.

What I didn't share is that last week, a dream of mine came true. About four years ago, as I laid in bed with a temperature of 104+, I started to think of ways to help others who wanted to learn about digital scrapbooking. So many friends had asked me about it and I had attempted to sit down with a few and show them what it was and how it worked, but I knew that there was no way I would have the time to teach everyone who wanted to learn. Laying in bed, sick as could be, I had an idea: I would write a book.

Over the next few days I brainstormed and outlined every chapter. I knew how I would want to learn if I had to start over and I wanted to make it something that busy moms could learn from. It had to be easy, practical, and not too overwhelming. I was so excited!

But life got in the way and the book never got written. As we found ourselves in the States this year with some extra wiggle room in our time, Jason and I decided that this would be the year to finally do this project. However, in the last few years, technology has changed and advanced and I decided that rather than write a book, I would instead teach digital scrapbooking via video tutorials. And that is what I did.

And last week, I finally released my WATCH ME SCRAP video tutorial series. The videos total over six hours in length and take you from not even knowing what program to use to being able to create gorgeous pages. In each of the 30 or so videos (averaging about 15 minutes in length), you get to WATCH ME SCRAP (via screen capture). I talk to you about what I am doing, why I am doing it, and then I challenge you to try it (with a 30 page written activity guide). All of the information and supplies you need are included in the purchase price. After watching the videos, you will have created three beautiful layouts and in doing so, you will have learned all the skills you need to create your own memory-filled pages. The videos teach you how to download a free trial program, how to set up your digital workspace , and how to create layouts from quick pages, templates, and starting from scratch.

I am truly excited about these videos. When I think of what a blessing scrapping has been in my life, I know that I want others to be able to experience what I have. I may not have the time to sit down with each of you individually, but I really want to help you learn. I figured that these videos of watching me scrap is the next best thing to sitting down with you personally.

Here is a little of the positive feedback I have gotten:

"I am LOVING the tutorials. They are clear and concise and really easy to understand. I am about half way through so far-I particularly like how you break each step down and on a couple of occasions you show how it can go wrong and them how to fix the mistake. I'm really enjoying digital scrapbooking, it seems to just fit my need for a creative outlet!" "I've only watched the first few videos but I have already learned SO MUCH!"

Today is the last day that the videos are available for 30% off. So if you have wondered about digital scrapbooking and have wanted to learn, here is a great opportunity to get started (and to support a mission family in the process!)


Okay...enough of that. I'm closing the laptop at McDonald's, finishing my coffee, and headed back to the condo with no internet and no smart phones.  There is something so freeing about being unplugged for at least 23 hours a day. We have an afternoon at the beach to get to! I am sure my next post will be filled with vacation photos and some mushy words about how much I love my family 🙂 And seriously, if you are thinking that you and your family could use some time away...DO IT. I am always amazed at how much being away from every day life makes me reaffirm my commitments to what is truly important in life and to return home with peace and inspiration to keep walking the path God has called me to. It doesn't have to be far away or expensive, but getting away with those closest to you is a solid investment in what is truly important.

4 thoughts on “I Meant to Tell You Earlier…

  1. Janet Post author

    Hi Maggie —

    For the tutorials, I show you how to download a free trial of Photoshop Elements 11 (the program that I use). THe trial is good for 30 days. After that, if scrapping was something you (or anyone else) wanted to continue in, then you would need to purchase a copy. Photoshop Elements is a great and fairly inexpensive program, especially compared to other programs. Let me know if you have any other questions!

  2. Rhadonda

    I am loving your tutorials. I have taken Jessica sprague classes. She is great too. But i truly am enjoying and learning so much from yours too! I smile at how “neat” you are. And i totally LOVE that you are a keyboard person. I am going to type myself up a little cheat sheet to tape to my computer. Thanks for the great quality and friendly voice. You truly have the gift of teaching. I will definitely be recommending this to my friends wanting to learn.


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