It's 6:00 am on June 3. We should be sitting at an airport gate, waiting for our 7 am flight back to Asia. But we're not.

The US Passport Agency had other plans.

We made the decision last week to change our flights. It's a good thing we did since our passports are still not here.

But other than the high price tag for changing tickets, we are glad. So very glad. God always knows what He is doing and not even the US Passport Agency can thwart His plans. We now have 16 more days in the States. Sixteen days to spend with family and with friends. Sixteen more days to breathe.

The last month has been a complete whirlwind. For a family that doesn't "do" busy, we have been B.U.S.Y. It's all been good stuff, but the physical, emotional, and spiritual toll that has been taken is showing through our days. We're quicker to speak. Slower to listen. Less likely to see the good. More prone to complaining. And these next sixteen days, we get to breathe. To rest. To reflect on this past year and the amazing ways that God has provided for us. Cared for us. Loved us. We get to say proper goodbyes to the people who have made this year extraordinary. We get to have slow mornings where the coffee is savored and enjoyed rather than downed for fuel. We get to enjoy the beauty of summer in bloom and take advantage of the blessings of living in a free country. There will be more walks. More talks. More snuggles. More reflection. More thanksgiving.

Our past weeks have been filled with a trip to the beach, birthday outings, a visit from my sister and her family, a trip to Montana, a music recital, a visit from Jason's parents, special activities for church, packing, sorting, cleaning, and moving out of our home. Doctor appointments. Dentist appointments. We have six kids — you do the math.

Our bones are tired but our hearts our full. And we can't wait to breathe.

And I have no doubt that in 16 days from now, as we sit waiting for our flight, that we will be rested and ready to see what God has in store for this coming year.

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  1. heather smith

    i love this perspective. You are amazing. Moving is such a hard thing emotionally, especially for & with littles. I hope it goes well for you. Thanks for sharing the good.


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