A Whole New World

When I was in high school, one of my very favorite movies was Aladdin. My boyfriend at the time even bought me an Aladdin coffee mug, I had the soundtrack, and I believe I even had an Aladdin shirt. I'm not sure what I liked so much, but the exotic locale, the peppy music, and the diamond-in-the-rough story line were fascinating to me.

One of the most memorable scenes in the movie is where Jasmin and Aladdin are trying to run from the king's men and they need to make a risky getaway. Jasmin is afraid and as Aladdin holds out his hand, the following conversation occurs:

Aladdin: "Do you trust me?" Jasmin: "What?" Aladdin: "Do you trust me? Jasmin: (with hesitancy) "Yes." Aladdin: "Then  JUMP!"

Over and over again over this past year, this has been the conversation I have been having with God. The scene is the same: I have to keep moving, I don't know what to do, the only option seems utterly crazy and ridiculous, and God says to me, "Do you trust Me?" With lots of hesitancy I mumble out an unconvincing "Yes" and He says with gusto, "Then JUMP!"

I wish I could say I was as trusting as Jasmin, but really, I don't tend to jump as much as I get pulled, all the while screaming, "But God, I don't WANT to jump! Look at that girl! She doesn't have to jump! Look at that family, they don't have to jump! And that family, well, they have to jump but their jump isn't as scary as ours, theirs looks fun! But God....!!!!"

And then God reminds me a post I wrote almost a year ago: You Follow Me.

This journey that we are on, our own Pilgrim's Progress, isn't like anyone else's. It's not supposed to be. It is a unique journey that the Lord is walking with us. It doesn't matter what another persons journey looks like. It doesn't matter if theirs looks easier, harder, more fun, more exciting, more tragic, more creative, more innovative, more praiseworthy, more noticeable, more....throw in 100 other adjectives. Those aren't the roads for us. And God has to keep saying to me, "You follow ME!"

And the thing is, when I look back on this past year and see the ways that God has led us, as I stand in awe at His abundant and faith-building provision, as I sit quivering in thankfulness for blessings I didn't even ask for, and as I hold my sweet baby boy and think of the amazing ways that his life has already impacted our family, I see God's goodness. I see His faithfulness. I see His grace. I see His love. And I see that the only way to experience the abundant life that He has for us is to trust Him and jump. Jasmin jumped and found the love of her life and experienced a whole new world.

We jump and we are caught in the arms of grace.

In five days we board a plane for Asia. We'll spend five weeks in Cambodia and then we return to our beloved Indonesia. I don't know what the next year will bring. But I know that when God reaches out His hand and says, "Do you trust me?", the best thing I can do is grab on tight and jump. Without trust in the impossible, we miss out on the amazing ride and the whole new world that God wants to show us.

"A Whole New World"

I can show you the world Shining, shimmering, splendid Tell me, princess, now when did You last let your heart decide?I can open your eyes Take you wonder by wonder Over, sideways and under On a magic carpet rideA whole new world A new fantastic point of view No one to tell us no Or where to go Or say we're only dreamingA whole new world A dazzling place I never knew But when I'm way up here It's crystal clear that now I'm in a whole new world with you Now I'm in a whole new world with you Unbelievable sights Indescribable feeling Soaring, tumbling, freewheeling Through an endless diamond sky A whole new world Don't you dare close your eyes A hundred thousand things to see Hold your breath - it gets better I'm like a shooting star I've come so far I can't go back to where I used to be A whole new world Every turn a surprise With new horizons to pursue Every moment gets better I'll chase them anywhere There's time to spare Let me share this whole new world with you A whole new world A whole new world That's where we'll be That's where we'll be A thrilling chase A wondrous place For you and me

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