For the Love of Green Smoothies

I know it may seem as though I have disappeared from this blog, but I haven't. In fact, I write almost every day. During my daily walk, I write lots of posts. Well, I write in my head. The words making it to the keyboard? Not nearly as often. Sometimes I have so much to say that I just get overwhelmed and don't say anything. Seems to be easier that way. But I promise, I have actual type-written words in the works and I will be sharing soon.

But for now, I wanted to pop in and say that we are well. We made it back to Indonesia about two and a half weeks ago and have been busy settling in. The kids enjoyed unpacking books and toys that they hadn't seen in over a year. We've loved having the amazing weather back and we are slowly easing back into our life overseas. In some ways, it feels like we have been gone forever. In other ways, like we never left. We are so, so happy to be back and yet so very sad to have left the States and the church and family we love. We're so torn and yet resting fully on the knowledge that this is where we are supposed to be. We love our life here and even though part of our hearts remain in the US, we are praying each day that God will use us right where we are. One of the best things I have ever read is, "Your ministry is where your feet are." Yes and yes.

Now that most of the unpacking is done, we are soaking in the last few days before Jason goes back to work. We are taking lots of walks and bike rides, reading good books, and re-learning how to cook. Yes, you read that right. Re-learning. I am sure I will share more later, but we are making changes in our family as far as food goes. One of things that became very clear to us during our time in the States is that we want to live an abundant life. We want to, Lord willing, grow old with grace. We want to be the kind of grandparents that can be active in our grandchildren's lives and we want to be fit and strong enough to share the wisdom of our years with those younger than ourselves. When we reach 65, we don't want to retire. We want to reFIRE (thanks Tom and Becky for that phrase!) In order to be able to do that, we have to make choices now that will enable us to live long, healthy, and active lives. We can't eat whatever we want now and expect our bodies to keep up when we are grandparents. We want to care for the bodies that the Lord has given us. The way I tried to explain it to someone was, "I don't want anything I have done/not done to my body to ever hinder me from something that the Lord would have me do." My body is not in charge of me. I am in charge of my body.

And so, I am re-learning to cook. Where once my manta was, "Butter, sugar, and moderation!" my new mantra is, "Make every bite count." I want to learn to fill my body and the bodies of my family with the blessings and nutrients that God has given us in the food He created. Real food. Food that doesn't harm. Food that nourishes. Food that heals. And so, I am learning (and reading a lot!) and making slow changes. Thankfully, we aren't coming from too far behind. We've never done a lot of processed foods and I actually love cooking from scratch. I am also thankful that (as far as I know) none of us are severely sick and/or allergic to any foods (though we have noticed some great changes in the absence of some foods.) This allows us to make slow and deliberate changes, to find that sweet spot of caring for our bodies while not focusing so much on our own food consumption that we alienate others, forgo hospitality (either as hosts or recipients), or forget that if we have food on our tables every day (even if it is in the form of the junk America stocks on its grocery shelves), it is a gift from the Lord. I don't want to ever get to the point where I care more about preventing a piece of white bread passing through my lips than I do about the millions of children starving all over the world. Nor do I want to focus more fueling my body than I do on fueling my mind with the Word.  I don't want to care more about my children's physical safety than I do about their heart safety.

With that said, I'll be around this space more, sipping on my yummy green smoothies and watching in wonder as my kids beg me for one more brownie. Black Bean Brownies, that is. And if you want to follow my clean eating board on Pinterest, go right ahead. I'll probably start another board soon of clean eating recipes that we have tried and liked. The list is getting longer!

7 thoughts on “For the Love of Green Smoothies

  1. Emily Giovanni

    I’ve been doing green smoothies for about a year and a half. The only one I have actually had my kids ask for is this recipe:

    2 cups spinach – frozen
    1 orange, peeled
    1 lime, peeled
    1-2 cups pineapple – frozen
    1 cup green grapes – frozen
    1 cup ice with water filling in the space around the cubes

    That’s it, blend and serve.

    I’d be interested to see what you have gotten your kids to like smoothie wise.

  2. Melinda

    Great news! Happy eating! I love the blog… Kelly the Kitchen Kop… and from there you can find about a million other good ones. Blessings on this new adventure… and yes… balance is the key! You can’t let it take over… well you can… but that may not be so healthy! ha! =0) Blessings! Oh… and I think butter is good… as long as it is REAL butter! ;0)

  3. Hollie

    I am so sad I didn’t get to c u while u were here…we were soooo close to u! But glad u r safely back in Indonesia. We have been cutting out the junk and doing the smoothies for a while now. It is exciting to find a new recipe that is healthy and just as yummy as junk. I will have to send u a couple of my faves 🙂 Enjoy ur greens!

  4. Cindy Fox

    Great post, Janet! I also like the website, Deliciously Organic, for good recipes. Give your family our love!

  5. Rhadonda

    Thankful for your safe arrival home. I can’t wait to follow your clean eating. This last year has been a stressful one for my husband and me with all the changes and unfortunately we are emotional eaters. Thus we are now paying for it but we are making those changes too! And as usual i love your approach. By the way LOVE LOVE all your pictures and sharing on the Daily Digi today! My kids may call my photozilla but i am hoping someday they appreciate all those photos. Just remember “don’t let your children grow up to be jpegs!”. Make some pages right?!


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