Still Thankful

I know it's not November anymore. I know that Thanksgiving has passed. I know that Christmas is just around the corner (and I have yet to do much to prepare!) And yet, here I am, on an early December morning, feeling so very thankful. One of the reasons I love photography and scrapbooking so much is that it has taught me to be thankful. God's blessings often come in the small and seemingly insignificant moments. My camera captures many of those moments. When I look through photos of moments that made me click the shutter, it is easy to see God's blessings woven throughout our days and months. I spent years wondering where God's blessings were. A quick glance through recent photos shows me that God's abundant blessings are always long as we take the time to open our eyes and see.

I'm thankful for....

2 thoughts on “Still Thankful

  1. Deborah Gunthorpe

    A beautiful post Janet. I like the idea of taking photos as a journal of thankfulness. I tried to write down each day what I was thankful for – but didn’t manage to keep it up. Photos are more immediate 🙂


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