Inspired by The Amazing Race

The most recent season of The Amazing Race included none other than our city of Bandung, Indonesia!  It was so fun to watch these contestants run around our city, seeing and experiencing what we see and experience every day. We saw the taxis we use, the attractions we have been to, and the frustrations we have.  Two of my favorite quotes were:
"Why is everyone [the cars] moving 2 miles an hour?"
Sorry, that's what traffic is really like here!
"Whoa! Look at that family!" [indicating shock at seeing four people — 2 adults and 2 kids — on a motorbike]
You think that's crazy...

Our kids really loved watching these episodes as well. To see their home on national TV was something special. I loved listening to their comments and seeing how much Bandung really is their home, even if their passport says something different.

The best part of the two episodes was being able to say, "We've been there!" and "Hey,that's where we went!"

There was one place we hadn't been, though, and we needed to remedy that. Some friends let us borrow their car for the week and so on Saturday we were off to Curug Cimahi, or, Cimahi Waterfall. It was a beautiful day and not even the 500+ steps down (and then back up!) kept the kids from having  a great time. Unfortunately, our next stop was going to be the place where the contestants ate cobra (we haven't done it yet), but as it turns out, that was a set-up for the show. The little warung (shop) where they ate cobra usually just has the normal drinks and noodles. Oh well.


4 thoughts on “Inspired by The Amazing Race

  1. Mel

    Aw, I LOVE this! Watching the Race in Bandung was so sweet…gotta admit I laughed and cried back and forth through the whole thing. 🙂 I love that you guys were going to eat cobra, too…that just makes you a little extra awesome. I’m hoping we’ll see you in March…we have Mae’s passport in progress and are looking at three tickets! Would love to catch up over coffee. 🙂

  2. Mary Ellen

    What beautiful pictures. So many priceless memories. My heart and prayers are with you all as you continue to walk His path, preparing the soil and watering the seed.


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