Two Special Breakfasts

The boys were away this week. Well, I got to keep the baby boy.

The girls and I had a wonderful week together, spending lots of time on fun things like shopping, haircuts, baking, entertaining, and just being together.

One morning we were scheduled to go into town to have breakfast. Going out to breakfast here in Indonesia is a big deal. Very few places serve breakfast and those that do usually only offer the usual porridge, fried chicken and rice, and other such foods.

Enter Hummingbird Cafe. It's this amazing little cafe that serves amazing food, delicious coffee, and is a feast for the eyes. You don't realize how wonderful good food and beautiful decor is until you don't have them.

We were all supposed to go but at the last minute Katie wavered in her desire. Our house helper would be home so she had the option to choose between staying and going. I was excited for the possibility of time alone with my almost-11-year-old and so I gently encouraged her that staying home might be better. She finally decided she didn't want to make the long trek to town (it's a short walk, followed by a 30-45 minute bus ride, followed by a 10-15 taxi ride). Actually, it was an easy decision for her once I told her that the next day, I would make a special breakfast for all of us.

So the big girl and I headed to town. We had a wonderful morning together, soaking up this amazing time between little girl years and young woman years. She's transforming before my eyes.

True to my word, the next morning I created our own special breakfast right at home, complete with french toast made with homemade bread, "melted cappuccinos," and fresh-cut flowers. I love creating for and serving my girls!  

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