A Full Life

Lately, I've had a few people ask me how I am. I'm not always sure if they want to really know the answer or if they are just being polite. Nonetheless, my response is usually simple and along the lines of, "Life is full."
  • It's full of dirty diapers.
  • It's full of meals to be made.
  • It's full of dishes to be washed.
  • It's full of squabbles to resolve.
  • It's full of math to teach.
  • It's full of reading to listen to.
  • It's full of boo-boos to kiss.
  • It's full of emails to write.
  • It's full of hearts to be treasured.
Yes, life is full. There isn't much wiggle room in our days. My to-do list is never done and my cup of tea is usually cold before I have a chance to finish it. There is no getting around the fact that with six little ones, there isn't much in the way of leisure time. There is no stretching out in the afternoon for a rest. There are no leisurely cups of coffee.  I sneak in moments here and there, but the reality is that life is full. Busting at the seams. Some days are what I call yellow bus days (the days when I wish a yellow bus would pick the kids up in the morning and take them far, far away). I feel overwhelmed and under-prepared. But other days — coming all the more frequently — a different kind of overwhelm takes over. Overwhelmed with love and gratitude that this is my life. My full life. Recent examples include...
  • A seven year old boy who took the initiative to make baked oatmeal for the family. Other than finding the recipe and lighting the oven, he did it all by himself.
  • A nine year old boy who wanted to make himself a grilled cheese sandwich and as he was walking towards the kitchen he stopped and asked, "Is there anyone else who would like one?"
  • A two year old girl who took my hands in her face, turned my cheek, and planted a wet kiss. Then she hugged me and said, "Mommy, I love you soooooooo much!"
  • A 10 month old who sees me, giggles, and crawls just as fast as he can to get to me.
  • An 11 year old girl who spent months waiting and waiting to find book number 19 in the Nancy Drew series (she didn't want to read them out of order). Upon finding it she said, "Oh wait, I've already read this."
  • I came downstairs and saw the kids cleaning up a broken jar of jelly. There was no leaving it for mom to take care of or any blame placing. They were working together.
  • My sweet Levi said, "I like this book [about Pompeii] so much better than those made-up stories." (This non-fiction loving mama was swooning 🙂
  • A loving and sensitive daughter who wrote a verse on the whiteboard. It was exactly what I needed.
  • A two year old with big tears rolling down her cheeks as she said, "I just want my friend." (Her five-year-old sister had just left to take a walk).
  • A baby dressed and ready for the day...because his big brother just wanted to help out.

This full life keeps me busy. And this busy life keeps my heart full.

4 thoughts on “A Full Life

  1. Rhadonda

    Beautiful, just beautiful!! It does fill a mom’s heart when you begin to see the fruits of your labors and the work of God in THEIR hearts!! And trust me when those empty nest days come (i am there) and you can actually sit in quiet and have a hot cup of coffee you will long for the yellow bus days to be back ( : Praise be to God for each season of life and I pray we can fully embrace each season with thankful and full hearts. THanks as always for sharing!!

  2. Cindy

    Love this, Janet! You echo the words and hearts of many mamas out here. The older we get, the more we see what an incredible gift God has given us in allowing us to be mothers!


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