Week Without Walls

We're a bit spoiled.

You see, my husband works at a Christian international school and one of the perks of working there is free tuition for our children. However, feeling the call to homeschool our kids at this season, we asked permission for us to have the kids at home.  Over the last five years, the school has been so gracious and supportive of us. Not only do they allow us to homeschool (something that many schools do not allow for their staff), but also they let our kids participate if/when they want. That means that they get to enjoy PE, art, music, and other special events such as field trips, class activities, and school-wide events.

One of the events that we choose to participate in is the annual WEEK WITHOUT WALLS. This is a week set aside for staff and students to move beyond the borders of our school and reach out to our community neighbors. I love that our kids have the chance to be part of various service projects. Over the years all of us have had the chance to be a part of some really great activities. As expats working in an American school, it is easy to just slip into a life with blinders on, forgetting that just beyond our neighborhoods are people in need of the Light. So, for one week, staff and students get to be the Hands and Feet to a dark world.

I took Bethany on the motorbike to visit the project where Alaina and Caleb were working. They were part of a group who was painting a local school. It was fun to watch them working hard and learning the blessing of serving others.

Enjoy a glimpse of a week without walls.

 I love these next two pictures. The day before, Caleb came home and asked me if he could give his (beloved) goalie gloves to one of the kids at the school. I was so happy to see this boy when I arrived.

We also took a peek into one of the classrooms. There were some paper bead necklaces hanging on the wall. Beppy said, "Oh! They're sooooo beautiful!"

We also saw a peek of one of the students painting

After we finished visiting at the school, Beppy and I spent some time driving around the kampung (village). It was fun to see the kids as they headed home from school and my still-limited Indonesian allowed us a few sweet conversations with the village kids.

  I wish the walls came down more often.

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