I Love Three


I'm running on empty and scraping the barrel. Nine more days until dad comes home. We've been apart for 24 days and although physically I feel great, emotionally I am struggling to hold it together.

Over the last few years I have learned a lot about self-care. Jason and I have figured out many ways to make sure I am at my emotional best so that I can give him and the kids my emotional best. Mom's emotions set the tone for the entire home and I am very intentional and proactive in making sure I am doing all I can to set a happy and calm tone for our family. This involves getting the sleep that I need, caring for my body through exercise and food, making sure my Bible time happens first thing in the morning, and working hard to make sure I get the time alone that my introvertedness requires.

But with dad gone and me on solo duty, those tried-and-true ways to make sure I am emotionally healthy are much harder to achieve. I can't just go for a walk when I need it. I have to go to bed and wake up when the kids go to bed and wake up. I can't take 20 minutes alone to refresh. I can't run errands alone.

Heck, I can't even shower alone.

However, I am trying to fit in some of the things that fill me...things I can do with a baby clinging to me and a three-year-old always at my side. Baking fills me up (and I mean an emotional fill-up, not just physical!) Photography fills me up. Seeing beauty and expressing gratitude in all I see fills me up. So, I am doing a lot of those things. Thus the many photo posts.

And speaking of that three-year-old, I LOVE THREE.

Sweet Bethany is at an amazing age. She's old enough to do some things independently and watching her try to do things she thinks she can do independently is priceless. She still loves to cuddle, she has learned to obey, she is capable of sitting still when needed, she says the funniest things, and I can't help but swoon when I she wraps her arms around my neck and says,

"I SO love you!"

Yep, this girl is pretty much perfect and I could stare at her all day. I really do love three.

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