This Boy is Loved

This Boy is Loved

Many people wonder how large families make it work.

How is there time for all of the kids? How is there enough money to feed and clothe them? How is there enough love for each of them? Don't some of the kids feel unloved or ignored? How do you manage all the sibling squabbles?

These are great questions. I can — obviously — only speak from my own experience of having a larger family, but I know without a doubt that having a big family is worth every single tear, moment of frustration, fear for the future, spilled drink, dirty diaper, and middle-of-the-night wake up. It is is very hard and so very rewarding.

I hope that in the future I can share a little more about the hows and whys of the way we make it work. I know that many people, even in their insensitive (and sometimes downright ludicrous!) comments, are really just curious. They want to know how it works.  I want to share some of that and I hope that in the coming months there will be opportunities (and if you have any specific questions I would be more than happy to try to answer them!)

For today, though, I just want to help set aside the notion that there is not enough love to go around. For some reason people think that baby #6 is in no way capable of receiving the same amount of love as babies #1 and #2. And you know what? That is true.

Baby number six receives SO MUCH MORE.


My friends, this boy is LOVED.

He is doted on. He is cared for. He is played with. He is adored. He is photographed.

And not just by his parents (like poor baby #1), but by all of his siblings.

They ADORE him. They want to be with him. They want to get him dressed, get his bottle, and strap him into the car. They play ball with him and they slide down the stairs with him. Just this week, when given the opportunity to go out to lunch with mom, two of the kids decided to stay home to play with Zach (my sweet Aunt Becky was watching him for me).

From the moment they met him, his brothers and sisters have cherished him.

This Boy is Loved | Preparing the Soil  

And for some recent proof....

Mr. Z looked crazy-adorable on Sunday before church and I wanted a few pictures of him before we got into the car. He isn't totally steady on his feet yet and I didn't want him falling in the dirt, so I asked Alaina to hold his hand while he steadied himself. She was happy to oblige.

This Boy is Loved | Preparing the SoilHe finally stood still for a minute or so and I was able to capture his cuteness. This Boy is Loved_2 This Boy is Loved_3 This Boy is Loved | Preparing the Soil   And then he wanted to walk. Again, not wanting him to fall into the dirt right before church, Alaina and Levi were quick to let him grab a finger or two. ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-11 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-12 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-13 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-14 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-15 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-16 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-17 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-18 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-19 ©janetphillips_june1_2014_web-20 This Boy is Loved | Preparing the Soil

A lack of love is not a problem in this family.

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  1. Rhadonda

    I totally smiled the whole way through all your photos. The love is very evident. What a cutie that Mr. Z is!! And look at those teeny flip flops. Adorable. Love is evident in your family by all the smiles! I wish i would have had more children. When I had my set of twins I got scared they were going to start coming in two’s and i also waited later in life. Hind sight always 20/20 but it’s okay. I have 3 and they are truly a blessing!! I think you make time and you make a way no matter how many kids. There are families with maybe 1 child or just 2 or 3 and they lack the love and joy. So number i think is irrelevant. Just my quick, brief thoughts ( :


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