Cantigny Park (Wheaton, IL)

After leaving Grand Rapids, we headed to Wheaton, IL to catch up with some dear friends of ours. We worked with Scott and Debbie when we lived in Malaysia and they were instrumental in helping us shape our view of family and parenting. Even way back then, when I just had two little ones, I knew that they were a wealth of wisdom. I soaked it all up and all these years later, we are still living out many of the ideals we saw in their family.

One of my favorite things about this particular family is that they shatter the view that there is only one right way to parent. They have three kids, have never homeschooled, and Debbie has worked for much of the time she has had kids. And yet, their commitment to family surpasses almost anything I have ever seen. The sacrifices they have made for their children are humbling. We hadn't seen them in five years and their once-little boys are all grown up now, but once again, I soaked in all they had to offer and was reminded of what happens when we take this parenting thing seriously.

(I'm so sad we forgot to get a picture of all of us!)

We spent the following morning with Debbie and one of the boys. They took us to Cantigny Park in Wheaton. The kids had a great time climbing on all the tanks, learning more about wars we have touched on in school, and visiting the museum.

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  1. Pam Wickman

    I love your perspective on your friends and the way they parent. I learn SO much from reading about your family on here, and FB and so often think how different our families are. I then think how much the same we are. God is priority, then family. Whatever it takes to draw my family closer to God and each other.
    Thanks for the encouragement post after post.


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