Will You Do Me a Favor?

Family Sept 2014_web   For some reason, this makes it all feel real:


Will you do me a favor?

Will you click on the link above (or the image below) and go to our page? From there, there is a button that says, "Receive Updates." We're working on gathering a list of friends and family who want to hear more about our ministry and receive regular updates (both while we are Stateside and once we move). We'd love to include you in that list! updates   We knew we were going to have to post a photo and we didn't have any recent ones. So on Saturday night, despite not being in the mood at all, I gathered all the little people and we headed into the yard. It was a very quick shoot since taking family photos really needs to be something you are in a good mood for! None of the photos were great, and there was some head swapping involved, but it was good enough to call done. Shooting your own family photos is not for the faint of heart! And, it usually turns into this: ©janetphillips_september28_2014_web-25 ©janetphillips_september28_2014_web-26 ©janetphillips_september28_2014_web-27 ©janetphillips_september28_2014_web-28 ©janetphillips_september28_2014_web-38 Although the family photos didn't turn out all that great, I took a few individual photos of the kids that turned out well (my kids are always beautiful to me!) I'll be back tomorrow with those 🙂

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