…But I Trust in You


I mentioned it back in the spring...I am a slow writer. It's why I tend to either just post photos here or I don't post at all. It isn't for lack of words and thoughts...it's a lack of time to write them in a way that they mimic what I feel in my heart. I have found that recording my words is a much faster process for me...and much more raw. Someone asked me this summer if I plan these audio posts out and have things written. No. Not at all. I plug in my microphone, press record, and just start talking. It's not edited. It's pure and raw me. In fact, in this post, I had planned on sharing a completely different passage of Scripture, one that I just read. But the words take over and I pray that the Lord would have me speak what He wants. Listen with grace. I am a verbal processor and since these thoughts and words aren't planned and not edited, they may be rough around the edges. I hope, though, that you will find encouragement for your weary soul.

As a P.S. — I recorded this last Friday, and like often happens, to Lord brings the same lesson in other means. Check out this post on the Desiring God website: When God Feels Cruel.

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