The Fruit of Our Lives

November 5 2014_2  

This audio post is a little longer than most — about 20 minutes — but I pray that it will give you something to think on deeply and to go to the Lord with. He's so loving and gentle and gracious. I love that He gives us ways to check ourselves and our spiritual health and I love that he often uses our own family to do so.

You can play it from right here or you can download below. As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts and comments!


4 thoughts on “The Fruit of Our Lives

  1. Heather

    really loved this! As a mother of 6 kiddos, I feel every word you say! Thanks for sharing these thoughts. Someday when I can get my brain functional and less tired, I’ll send you an email about some thoughts I’ve had about the seed & the word of God. Have a great day!

  2. Anne

    thanks Janet for the truth from God’s word. This is what I needed this morning. I have been anxious about spending time with my siblings this weekend, but I know if I go full of the Spirit He will let me exhibit His fruit to them.

  3. Catherine

    Thanks Janet, again I really appreciated your wise words and challenges: yes parenting is demanding but I want the fruits of the spirit to be seen in me as I interact with my children and husband.


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