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December 5 Life around here is full. Isn't it always? A few updates and quick comments: 1. We recently sent out our first Wycliffe ministry newsletter. If you signed up to receive one and didn't, check your spam folder. If you would like to sign up to receive our updates, you can do so HERE. 2. It's been a busy month since we returned from our Wycliffe training. Homeschool, Jason working, me with photo shoots and a number of other projects I am involved in. I don't do busy very well and at times it has all seemed too much, but I just keep reminding myself that this is for a season. The goal is to get us to Papua New Guinea, to support Bible translation. If we have to work a bit harder and longer than normal, God's grace and strength will sustain us. 3. I restarted my photography blog. It will mostly be for my own personal photography work, but lately I have been sharing a lot of shoots I have been doing. You can visit it HERE.  Feel free to subscribe in a blog reader (I use Feedly). 4. If you don't follow me on Facebook (or just don't spend much time there), you can now see my photo a day project HERE. The captions aren't there, but at least you can see the photos. There is also a direct link in the sidebar ----> 5. Over the next few weeks I hope to get this little blog of mine spruced up a bit. Forgive any oddities while I am in the process.

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  1. Dedra

    I used to love your photo a day project. That is what inspired me to do it. 2014 is my 4th year!!! When you switched blog formats…I thought you stopped posting it. The #4 Facebook link to see it does not work. Which facebook account? Preparing the soil, personal or photography? I would like to see it with captions…LOL.


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