Our Kids

We have five  six amazing kids...let me introduce you!

This is Alaina.  She is ten. She is amazing.  She is creative.  She loves to read and is the most amazing big sister.  If she had to choose between adults and kids, she would choose adults. She's on the that teetering edge between being a silly little girl and a beautiful, thoughtful, and intentional young woman.  Alaina is the fulfillment of every dream I ever had about being a mom to a little girl. Her light shines bright and she is a blessing to everyone she meets.  I am excited to be walking on this road of parenting a young woman.

If I could tell her one thing, it would be this: That small stirring you feel as you have a longing to read your Bible and learn to know more about the Lord? Hold fast to it. You are at an age when you are trying to make sense of the world and all the different people and lifestyles that you have to choose from. Don't ignore those feelings. Those are the Holy Spirit working in you. Rather than look around you, look to the Word as you make decisions for the path you will walk on.

Nicknames: Laina, Enny, Benny, Benny-Boo

This is Caleb. He is nine.  He is a creative genius. He loves Legos, building things out of whatever he finds lying around (lately it is anything origami) and loves to ride his bike. He's my introverted (yet social) kid and he sees the world through a different lens than most people.  He feels and loves deeply.  He is a mini-me and knowing this makes parenting him exciting and somewhat scary. He's my hardest child and my easiest child. I'm okay that that only makes sense to me.

If I could tell him one thing, it would be this: God made you exactly who He wanted you to be. You are smart, amazingly creative, and have the most tender heart a parent could hope for. God has big plans that are unique to you. Don't worry if the path He has for you is different than the path He has for others. 

Nicknames: Cabe and Cabers.

This is Levi.  He is seven.  If Caleb is a mini-me, then Levi is a mini-Jason.  He is full of laughter and fun and anything that makes him laugh is worth doing.  He is incredibly smart and he loves playing any and all games.  He's goofy and social but has a little-understood shy streak to him.  This kid has brought me joy every day and I am so thankful to have him in my life. His smiles are contagious.

If I could tell him one thing, it would be this: Your servant's heart is a precious gift from God. Don't ever ignore the promptings you have to do good and kind things for others. God sees all that you do, even if no one else does.

Nicknames: Beav, Beaver, and Beavaroonie.

This is Katelynn.  She's five.  She's spunky and feisty and she makes us laugh every day. She is our little ball of fire and she has tested every parenting theory we have ever had. She is a daddy's girl through and through and she is always up for the next adventure. She loves being a big sister!

If I could tell her one thing, it would be this:  Let those wild wings fly, but be willing to clip them if and when necessary. You have an amazing zest for life and I have a feeling that you will always find a way to put a Katie spin on the world. I love that you have your own spunk and style, but make sure that in all your flying, you are sensitive to those around you and to what God has for you. 

Nicknames: Katie, Tatie, and Tator Tot

This is Bethany.  She is 2 (and makes sure everyone knows!).  I'm just a little smitten with her.  Her language has exploded and she can often be found being doted on by her older siblings or playing pretend. Her favorite pretend activity is getting on her bike and going to the store to buy ice cream. At least she always shares.

If I could tell her one thing, it would be this:  Please put your pee pee in the potty. 

Nicknames: Beppy, Beps, and Bepsters

This is Zachary. He was born in March 2013. We love him! The girls love having a little baby to play with and dress up and the boys are taking their big brother responsibilities seriously.

If I could tell him one thing, it would be this: In case of continued biting, the milk factory will close.

2 thoughts on “Our Kids

  1. Jacob Sanchez

    Hello. I found your blog while searching for prayers for my children. They are 6, 3, and 1. Jacob is our oldest, followed by Clara, then Catherine. Please pray for them and for us. It has been a rough rough life up to this point because of my agregious failures as a husband. To this end, I am writing you. To ask if your husband has a blog. Maybe he could share what it means to be a man of God, what struggles he has, what are his prayers for the children, what does he like, etc, etc. I would love to pick is brain. You seem to have a happy family, with problems, but happy. My wife stays home with our children and is homeschooling them. Tough tough job she has. This is why I want to hear from your husband. Not because you are not worth hearing, but because I would like a mans perspective on having such a large family, how does he provide, how does he help you, what does he pray every night. I’d love to meet him.
    Good night.
    Kindly respond when you are able.
    Peace and joy to you and yours as you serve Messiah, the Lion of Judah, the Faithul One, The Lord of all.
    Jacob Sanchez
    Lubbock, Texas

  2. Avril Swihart

    I wish there was a love button! Janet you are a wonderful mama with beautiful kiddos…the comments on the two youngest were cracking my up : D


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